Friday, December 10, 2010

25th Golden Disk Awards 2010

*held : koryeo university
*on : 9 dec 2010
*p/s : last year suju win the daesang award 2009 but sorry no picture..:(
*broadcasted : only live online in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and Korea.

full rehearsal
 red carpet
hello we are super junior ooeayo
win for Asian Popularity award
he goes like apa khaba sawadikap .. he supposed to say terima kasih
win for Disc Bonsang award..tuka suit bab nk perform dh..
yes this is it...
starting of their performance...ternganga mulot wwooaahhh ssuperb
sorry2 n bonamana

ending of their performance...

mase name eeteuk kna sbut, dier tga borak then shindong tepok dier bru klam kbut...haha...

 naper kyuhyun dok kt meja shinee...hmmm..wondering..hehe
he looks good with shade ngan rmbut dier skang ni..

cant you see the saphire blue
suju are hugging with shinee
others like supreme team
got ft island too..suare hongki bestt sgt..sarang sarang sarang ngan flower rock..
snsd with run devil run.. hell yeah im running
while they perform , suddenly the stream got lagged...been tried to restart back..tu pon nseb bek ader elf yg laen ckp, lau x dh nk tutup dh mls nk tgk sekat2....
dj doc sori x minat :(
onew guys its onew...taemin said to jonghyun what's with the face ??keke
while others are performing lucifer..wondering y jonghyun is sitting on the chair? is his leg still injured?
 seunggii aa haha bley plak dier jatuh..
miss a
cn blue
you dont know me so shut up boy
here r the 25th GDA winners...
2010 GDA Daesang
*SNSD - Oh

Disc Bonsang
*dj doc - im this type of person
*shinee  - lucifer
*SUPER JUNIOR - bonamana
*snsd - oh
*boa - hurricane venus

2010 Samsung Yepp Digital Music Daesang
*2am - cant let you go even if i die

Digital Music Bonsang
*miss a - bad girl good girl
*iu ft Seulong - nagging
*lee seunggi - love taught me how to drink
*cn blue - im a loner
*2am - cant let you go even if i die

Hip hop award
*supreme team

Rock award

*ft island

Rookie award

Popularity award

Asian popularity award

Producer award
*hong seung sung (cube entertainment)

Lifetime achievement award
park chun seok (trot singer n famous composer that passed away this year)
sumer ader time nih...yg xder cume park chun seok yg dh mati tu je...hahaha
naper snsd dpn skali??? sbb dier mnang..nper dorng mnang??? nper bkn suju yg mnang??? sbb x vote n x bli cd dorng...wwaaaa....bkn slh saya..tok nenek saya yg x kasi bli cd dorng...bli cd raihan unic fazilah kamsah je bley...

p/s : perasaan lpas mnang..ceceh cm lija yg amek award..lpas snsd mnang.. k bedebar debar ..normal..then ,,    YOU WHAT???? snsd???with all the balloons n whatsoever...yyyy.. :( then at the chat inbox ..bla bla crying, sorry suju, bianhe oppa..,oppa we still love u, u r still the winner, eeteuk bianhe......x kurng jgak yg kutuk2 snsd,,, unfair la, GDA= MAMA..haha haa tu klaka..mmg x adil pon 2 award ni...kt tgn ader mknan tp ltak jao2...x rse nk mkn..

***They said before presenting disk daesung award, a SM manager went to SJ’s table and whisper to leeteuk. After that, Leeteuk passed down the message to the members. The members’ facial expression then became stunned (?). Then the award was presented.

Fans who just came back from the award ceremony said that Leeteuk, Yesung, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin and Ryeowook cried.

note : x phm naper ader gap ntara gmba2 tuu...dh btolkn tp x ley...bia je laa...

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