Monday, April 25, 2011

Beliebers~ meet the Malaysia's Very Own One Less Lonely Girl Justin Bieber,,,,,

here she is~

21 april yg lepas justin bieber tlh mengadakan konsert nya di Malaysia
di Stadium Bukit Jalil
feeww,,ramai giler yg dtg~ especially teenagers n kids
fan bieber kt malaysia ni fanatik giler,,,
tiket konsert jual mcm goreng pisang,, 
n dorng jgak sanggup jemput bieber kt airport,,isk isk isk,,


pstu siap buat flashmob tuk bieber,,,giler ah~

ni yg lija jmpe time stalk pasal Beliebers kt youtube aritu~
ouh,,whoever is a hard die fan of bieber is called Beliebers,,

rmai yg dtg konsert pkai bju kaler ikut tema bieber,,
which are purple n white,,

at JB's concert,,
everyone's been talking about.
who's the lucky girl
who's the One Less Lonely Girl

sbb setiap konsert jelajah bieber ni,,untuk lagu OLLG,,
dia akn pilih 1 lucky girl to be on stage with him n the song will dedicated to her,,ONLY okeyh!!
dpt pulak kt Najihah,,
beruunntuuunngg ggiiillerrr~,,
teliur laaa yg laen,,,
dapat onstage dgn JB sekali seumur hidup
macam cool lah jugak~

bieber gave her flowers 

dpt bunga, dpt pegang, eye contact lagi,,
korng2 yg minat bieber sile2 laa jeles ea~
saya kat sini tak,,
bcoz im not his fan~
no no no no takkan,,
minat biase2 je okeyh,,

td google pstu jmpe tumblr, twitter, ngan blog dier,,
sape nk knal dier sile2 lah follow,,

right after the concert,,
she's became famous,,
very very famous,,
she's became #trend in twitter,,
pstu siap kna interview ngan Disney lg,,

here's some of the exclusive interview with Disney,,,

1. Tell us a little about yourself! (your name, age, school/college, etc, just so our readers would have a rough idea on who is our very own One Less Lonely Girl!)
    Name: Najihah Aziz
    Age: 18
   College: Still searching fr one …

2. Who did you go to the concert with? Where were you seated?
   With a bunch of friends. But we had to sit separately so practically I was just sitting with one of my friend, Sarah in the RED zone. 

3. How much did you have to spend on your ticket for the concert?
  RM 350 for a RM 498 worth ticket !!!! 

4. How big of a fan/Belieber are you?
 Before the concert, well I’d rate myself as a 6. I wasn’t one of those who tweets about Bieber all day long. But starting last Thusday, I’m proud to tell the whole world that I am one of those crazy die heart fans of JUSTIN DREW BIEBER !!!

5. How do you feel about Selena Gomez? (we love her!)
Selena Gomez is my FAVOURITE HOLLYWOOD STAR ! My family loves her, I LOVE her. And I support JELENA all the way and all other Beliebers should too !!

6. Before this, did you know anything about the lucky One Less Lonely Girl in every Justin’s concert? If yes, how?
(we knew about it ever since we watched the movie, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never  and we’ve been wondering who would be the first Malaysia’s One Less Lonely Girl! so we’re so excited to talk to you!)
I still haven’t got the chance to watch his movie!!! </3 So I guess I knew about it from Twitter and friends. 

7. Have you ever DREAMED of being Malaysia’s first ever One Less Lonely Girl?
Dreamed ? OF COURSE ! Who wouldn’t ? A few days before the concert, I kept saying to my friends how much i wanted to meet Selena and Justin in person and the only way is to be the One Less Lonely Girl. I kept telling them that ” I think I’ll be the One Less Lonely Girl… ” . And when I really did become Malaysia’s OLLG , I think that is the best gift I could ever asked for and I thank God for that. 

8. OMG HOW DID IT ALL HAPPEN? Share with us every juicy bit! We heard Kenny Hamilton (Justin’s bodyguard) picked you, is that right? Spill! 
 I still can’t believe my eyes every time I look at my pictures and videos on stage. It happened so fast , I thought I was hallucinating. And yes, what you heard is true ! My friend and I was standing on the chairs singing to Justin’s Never Let You Go (if I’m not mistaken ) when a guy approached us. I didn’t recognize who he was at first so I thought ’ Ala must be one of the guards nak warning suruh turun kerusi lah ni ’ . So I just looked at him. Then all I could hear was ” Justin’s One Less Lonely Girl ? ” and I was like ” uhhhhhhhhh yesssss ?!! ” Then he repeated his question ” D’you wanna be the One Less Lonely Girl for tonight ? ” What else would I say. ” YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!! ” ” Alright, take out your passes and purse, give it to your friend” And soooo he took me backstage (!) Along the way, I was thinking whether is this a joke ? Am I being kidnapped ? Why on Earth am I following a stranger that offers me to be Justin’s OLLG out of the blue ?! I But then no, it was fer reaal ! I waited in with the dancers in one of the tents (?) I must say, they were ALL very very very friendly. They are all nice people ! The photographer even asked me to make a shoutout for Justin Bieber ! When Justin started singing One Less Lonely Girl, Kenny took me to the backstage and only then I met Selena Gomez. She was so pretty ! I think it’s very sweet of her to wait for her boyfriend like that. She was standing the whole time ! 

9. Seriously, from the scale of 1 – 10, 10 being super flattered/over the moon/happy beyond words – how awesome it is to be the lucky One Less Lonely Girl?
 I’d say 10 is underrated . I wouldn’t rate my feelings right with a 10 . It’s indescribable !! I cannot find any words to describe how AMAZING it feels like. JUSTIN BIEBER aaaaaaaaaaaaa !! Even the sight of his name makes me go crazy now. 

10. How is everyone else feeling about this? Are there any jealous friends (oh no!)? We hope everyone’s happy for you cz we certainly are! And we think you’re so lucky! 
THANK YOU, that is very sweet ! I’m lucky to have a handful of friends that are happy for me. And yes, of course there are. I don’t blame them though. 

11. And oh you must tell us how it feels like being serenaded by Justin on stage? Is he as good-looking as he is up-close, or even more good-looking? 
HE IS WAY BEYOND GORGEOUS, GOOD-LOOKING, CUTE, CHARMING etc. I feel so blessed to be given the chance to look him into his eyes THAT CLOSE !

12. Who else and what did you see backstage? Were there any rules and regulations that you had to adhere on stage?
Not sure about that. All Kenny told me was ” One of the dancers will take you onto the stage. Just sit on the chair and look him into his eyes because he’ll be singing this song for you” :’ ) :’) :’) And that explains why I didn’t jump around and hug him. I respect their regulations and I’m already happy to even be on the stage with him . Atleast I know he knows I EXIST !!!! 

13. Any message to all the envious girls out there?  

14. Are you still keeping the bouquet of roses?
OH HECK YES ! I wish they aren’t real flowers so that they won’t die and will remain that way from the 21st of April until the end of my life. :(