Saturday, November 12, 2011


here are the lyrics of

knape lagu ni jd lirik of the month???
sbb aku suke lagu ni,,
opah aku pon suke
oke tipu

You’ll never enjoy your life,
living inside the box
You’re so afraid of taking chances,
how you gonna reach the top?
Rules and regulations,
force you to play it safe
Get rid of all the hesitation,
it’s time for you to seize the day
Instead of just sitting around
and looking down on tomorrow
You gotta let your feet off the ground,
the time is now
I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting,
I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Try to have no regrets
even if it’s just tonight
How you gonna walk ahead
if you keep living blind?
Stuck in my same position,
you deserve so much more
There’s a whole world around us,
just waiting to be explored
Instead of just sitting around
and looking down on tomorrow
You gotta let your feet off the ground,
the time is now, just let it go
The world will force you to smile
I’m here to help you notice the rainbow
Cause I know,
What’s in you is out there
I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting,
I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
I’m trying to be patient (I’m trying to be patient)
the first step is the hardest (the hardest)
I know you can make it,
go ahead and take it
I’m Waiting, waiting, just waiting I’m waiting
I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting
I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
You’ll never enjoy your life
Living inside the box
You’re so afraid of taking chances,
How you gonna reach the top?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

laaahhh~ buat paannnaaaas jeee,,,,

ceramah cm bangang
nmpak yg burok je
yg hudoh2 tu je yg nmpak
fuck off laa
mmg aku x suke pon tgk muke kau
so what~

yg baik sumer slaloo kt dier
ye laa,,,
kau sorng je yg tolong2 ni
baru hari ni x pegi nak kecoh
itu salah 
ini salah
pstu ungkit mcm2

mmg laa aku yg the worst ,,yg pling burok,,
yg lain sumer kt umah ni ok je

p/s :  CAM BAGOS JE!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beliebers~ meet the Malaysia's Very Own One Less Lonely Girl Justin Bieber,,,,,

here she is~

21 april yg lepas justin bieber tlh mengadakan konsert nya di Malaysia
di Stadium Bukit Jalil
feeww,,ramai giler yg dtg~ especially teenagers n kids
fan bieber kt malaysia ni fanatik giler,,,
tiket konsert jual mcm goreng pisang,, 
n dorng jgak sanggup jemput bieber kt airport,,isk isk isk,,


pstu siap buat flashmob tuk bieber,,,giler ah~

ni yg lija jmpe time stalk pasal Beliebers kt youtube aritu~
ouh,,whoever is a hard die fan of bieber is called Beliebers,,

rmai yg dtg konsert pkai bju kaler ikut tema bieber,,
which are purple n white,,

at JB's concert,,
everyone's been talking about.
who's the lucky girl
who's the One Less Lonely Girl

sbb setiap konsert jelajah bieber ni,,untuk lagu OLLG,,
dia akn pilih 1 lucky girl to be on stage with him n the song will dedicated to her,,ONLY okeyh!!
dpt pulak kt Najihah,,
beruunntuuunngg ggiiillerrr~,,
teliur laaa yg laen,,,
dapat onstage dgn JB sekali seumur hidup
macam cool lah jugak~

bieber gave her flowers 

dpt bunga, dpt pegang, eye contact lagi,,
korng2 yg minat bieber sile2 laa jeles ea~
saya kat sini tak,,
bcoz im not his fan~
no no no no takkan,,
minat biase2 je okeyh,,

td google pstu jmpe tumblr, twitter, ngan blog dier,,
sape nk knal dier sile2 lah follow,,

right after the concert,,
she's became famous,,
very very famous,,
she's became #trend in twitter,,
pstu siap kna interview ngan Disney lg,,

here's some of the exclusive interview with Disney,,,

1. Tell us a little about yourself! (your name, age, school/college, etc, just so our readers would have a rough idea on who is our very own One Less Lonely Girl!)
    Name: Najihah Aziz
    Age: 18
   College: Still searching fr one …

2. Who did you go to the concert with? Where were you seated?
   With a bunch of friends. But we had to sit separately so practically I was just sitting with one of my friend, Sarah in the RED zone. 

3. How much did you have to spend on your ticket for the concert?
  RM 350 for a RM 498 worth ticket !!!! 

4. How big of a fan/Belieber are you?
 Before the concert, well I’d rate myself as a 6. I wasn’t one of those who tweets about Bieber all day long. But starting last Thusday, I’m proud to tell the whole world that I am one of those crazy die heart fans of JUSTIN DREW BIEBER !!!

5. How do you feel about Selena Gomez? (we love her!)
Selena Gomez is my FAVOURITE HOLLYWOOD STAR ! My family loves her, I LOVE her. And I support JELENA all the way and all other Beliebers should too !!

6. Before this, did you know anything about the lucky One Less Lonely Girl in every Justin’s concert? If yes, how?
(we knew about it ever since we watched the movie, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never  and we’ve been wondering who would be the first Malaysia’s One Less Lonely Girl! so we’re so excited to talk to you!)
I still haven’t got the chance to watch his movie!!! </3 So I guess I knew about it from Twitter and friends. 

7. Have you ever DREAMED of being Malaysia’s first ever One Less Lonely Girl?
Dreamed ? OF COURSE ! Who wouldn’t ? A few days before the concert, I kept saying to my friends how much i wanted to meet Selena and Justin in person and the only way is to be the One Less Lonely Girl. I kept telling them that ” I think I’ll be the One Less Lonely Girl… ” . And when I really did become Malaysia’s OLLG , I think that is the best gift I could ever asked for and I thank God for that. 

8. OMG HOW DID IT ALL HAPPEN? Share with us every juicy bit! We heard Kenny Hamilton (Justin’s bodyguard) picked you, is that right? Spill! 
 I still can’t believe my eyes every time I look at my pictures and videos on stage. It happened so fast , I thought I was hallucinating. And yes, what you heard is true ! My friend and I was standing on the chairs singing to Justin’s Never Let You Go (if I’m not mistaken ) when a guy approached us. I didn’t recognize who he was at first so I thought ’ Ala must be one of the guards nak warning suruh turun kerusi lah ni ’ . So I just looked at him. Then all I could hear was ” Justin’s One Less Lonely Girl ? ” and I was like ” uhhhhhhhhh yesssss ?!! ” Then he repeated his question ” D’you wanna be the One Less Lonely Girl for tonight ? ” What else would I say. ” YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!! ” ” Alright, take out your passes and purse, give it to your friend” And soooo he took me backstage (!) Along the way, I was thinking whether is this a joke ? Am I being kidnapped ? Why on Earth am I following a stranger that offers me to be Justin’s OLLG out of the blue ?! I But then no, it was fer reaal ! I waited in with the dancers in one of the tents (?) I must say, they were ALL very very very friendly. They are all nice people ! The photographer even asked me to make a shoutout for Justin Bieber ! When Justin started singing One Less Lonely Girl, Kenny took me to the backstage and only then I met Selena Gomez. She was so pretty ! I think it’s very sweet of her to wait for her boyfriend like that. She was standing the whole time ! 

9. Seriously, from the scale of 1 – 10, 10 being super flattered/over the moon/happy beyond words – how awesome it is to be the lucky One Less Lonely Girl?
 I’d say 10 is underrated . I wouldn’t rate my feelings right with a 10 . It’s indescribable !! I cannot find any words to describe how AMAZING it feels like. JUSTIN BIEBER aaaaaaaaaaaaa !! Even the sight of his name makes me go crazy now. 

10. How is everyone else feeling about this? Are there any jealous friends (oh no!)? We hope everyone’s happy for you cz we certainly are! And we think you’re so lucky! 
THANK YOU, that is very sweet ! I’m lucky to have a handful of friends that are happy for me. And yes, of course there are. I don’t blame them though. 

11. And oh you must tell us how it feels like being serenaded by Justin on stage? Is he as good-looking as he is up-close, or even more good-looking? 
HE IS WAY BEYOND GORGEOUS, GOOD-LOOKING, CUTE, CHARMING etc. I feel so blessed to be given the chance to look him into his eyes THAT CLOSE !

12. Who else and what did you see backstage? Were there any rules and regulations that you had to adhere on stage?
Not sure about that. All Kenny told me was ” One of the dancers will take you onto the stage. Just sit on the chair and look him into his eyes because he’ll be singing this song for you” :’ ) :’) :’) And that explains why I didn’t jump around and hug him. I respect their regulations and I’m already happy to even be on the stage with him . Atleast I know he knows I EXIST !!!! 

13. Any message to all the envious girls out there?  

14. Are you still keeping the bouquet of roses?
OH HECK YES ! I wish they aren’t real flowers so that they won’t die and will remain that way from the 21st of April until the end of my life. :(

Thursday, March 17, 2011


tomorrow gonna be a big day of my life...
highlight that people...hehe..
march of 19...


Sunday, March 6, 2011


assalamualaikum semuuaa...

mood : membalas budi baik kawan yg dh promote blog lija arituu... hehe..

ni laa dier orngnyer...
nama dier Hafizzudin bin tatau-sebab-dier-tak-pernah-gitauu-sebab-dier-sombong-sebab-org-sms-x reply-sebab-jugak-anta-notification-kt-fb-pon-x-balas..
hehe..pnjg x..kekeke..
tu laa spe suruh smbong..
busy cam menteri..

kt blog dier slaloo citer pasal local and world politics, religions, Korean culture, education and job carriers.
spe2 yg kt umah dier tade tv ke radio ke ( bunyi cm susah sgt je idup ..haha ) phtuu nk tauu prkembngn semasa g laa bce entri2 dier....updated..
( updated laa sangaatt kaannn )
haha...lek2..gurauu jee..

add dier jgak kt fb as R-piz Kim..

ni print screen blog dier....
sile2 la follow blog R-PizHolic k...

lau nk tgk dier promote blog lija  KLIK SINI

p/s : rpiz..settle dh en =) ...

Friday, February 25, 2011

bawak motor lelaju obviously memmmmang x co0l

eissshhhhh...... cibai beto0o0l laa budak2 kecik yg x der otak niiii... bawak m0tor lelaju dh ar x der lesen....
pikir co0l ke bwak lelaju depan akuu... x co0l okeyh... x co0l langso0ng...
eish to0o0long ah ..

pstu dh ar langgar lecak.... kena plak kat akuu... bodoh ke ape???? heish *abi btol... pagi2 bwat org panassss...
dh ar pkai suar putih nk g interview..g intrview plak bkn kt cikai2 punyer company..
mmmmm.... mmg ah..mmg cibai..

laen kali lau ko nk nmpk co0l pon bwak lelaju... pkai ah motor yg cun2 siket, budakkk...
cmtu baru ar org pndang....ini x..kapcai cap ayam yg kauu bwak..mmg taaakkk la kannn... pastu bile ader lecak ke ape ke, korng kna laa pndai ngelak.... kn dh teror sgt bwak motor.... bru la org impress tgk..
"fuhh.. nseb baek x kna lecak..teror laa bdak tu bwak.." cmtu bru org kagum..ader skill ... ader style..

bedebar au org yg saluu jalan kaki ni..lau ader lecak kt sebelah...mmg dh ketepi abes dh...baek punyer...tapi disebabkn korng bwak cm co0l cm laju mmg x smpt ar nk ngelak jao0h2...mmg kna punye ah.. kna maki..

nak nak plak tuhan mkbulkan pulak doa kitorng nii on the spot... korng-yg-ckup-bgo0s-bwak-motor-niii jatoh plak depan2 kitorng nii...mmg kitorng gelak giler2 punyer ah.. gelak setan....gelak kuat2 smbil tunjuk2 kt korng...bia sume orng pndg...

cihh pejadah nyer...kang org pndg akuu plak dok ngilai tgh hari buta sorng2...
tukar ah.. gelak+ngilai+hentak2 kaki+kua air mate+guling2 atas tanah
bia bia bia korng rase... ahahahahaha ( ngilai )...
tuu nmenyer tuhan bayar cash bg sesaper yg x tauu...hehe..

ok laa babai...

P/S : sesape bwak motor yg pndai ngelak lecak memmaaannngg co0l and macho....

Monday, February 14, 2011


Saya ader sekor kucing...dia sangat comel...namanyer kiki...tetapi dia sudah lama tidak balik ke rumah..jadi kami anak beranak telah menganggap nya sudah mati....huhu..sdey x citer ni??? Sdey x sdey x sdey taaaakkkk?????

Untuk membalas budi baeknya maka saya berjanji untuk tidak suka mane2 kucing yg lalu lalang lalu lalang dpn saya...yaaaa...itu laaaa sdikit sebnyak juga azam taun baru cina saya....baek kn sayaaaa...x yah ckp...tauu dahh...aaarrgghhh...apii ader api??? Kasi bakar blog nii...ggrr..uish..  chill meyh..

Ader 1 ketol kucing ni yg tlh menarik hati saya...
Saya lupa tros kt kiki.... 0h tidaaaakkkk????

Comel sgt ke dia????
Mnje ke dia????
Ape yg bago0os sgt kt dier???
Bulu dier pkai bulu ape???
Tah2 ader kutu....
Maner dia?? meh tunjuuuk sini spe dier....

Siwon : Hek eley kauu ni nyahhh... saba bo0ley nyah??? 

Nyah : U  diam..I mmg dh x bley saba dh ni????? Dh panas dh ni??? U bwak dier kluar skrang...
           I nk tgk sket... Klau x I bling U dgn Celcom-Blackberry-Torch-9800 + bru beli ni...

Siwon : ecece ... nk pomot ph0ne ar tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu........... 

( tah dari mane tah dorng bedua dtg...kec0h2..isk..isk.. )

Tara..... nii laa dier..c0omeyy..0o0mey2..to0meeyyy.... dier Bo0oncit..kucing  Hazal....kucing ni kucing umah...dier spesies lau org pnggil dari jaoh pon dier akan k0na baeekk punyeerr  trooss dtgg...heee...

Taaaaappppiiii ader time dier x layan 0rg jgak...gggrrr...belagaakkk..
Ye laa mane x nyer..dier lalu jee..bo0ncit...b0oncitt ..pstu dier dtg..satu minit dua minit tiga purnama t pnggil lg...b0o0ncit b0o0ncit...last2 dier pong malas nk layann......kih kih kih..
Ape uruh au o0mel angat..meh cini ido0w ngan ite... ( ayat mintak makan kaki )

 Dayah, bo0ncit, hantuu minyak... sekiaann...

Abaikan muke yg dah mcm anto0 minyak...bejalan sakan smpai tga mlm x smpt g nk bsoh muka....
O0keyy....” muke”  aku bagi kau seplosen sok kau jgn minyak2 agiiii....
Hahaha...dah nk dkt setaon gune Safi...ader sikit ar,..sikiiit perubahan....ituuupuuuuunnnnn ciikiiitt taik jejentik... jerawat dh kurang gak laaa...tapi still oily g...cmne ek??? sbb x gune yg oil control laa kannnn... haha..pndai...bak sini duet nenek aku g bli skang jgakkk...kih kih kih

Tus jes las tuks entris kalis inis....  jumpes lagis dis kemudians haris.... chioawsss....babais..

Oh yea lupe...


♥ ♥ ♥

p/s : sok nk pkai bju cntik2 nk pegi berarak .... nk pkai bju wane ijau pahtu nk matching kan ngan tudung, pin, beg, seko0p,kasut, ngan dompet duet...tudong nk yg manik2 kt tepi plus ader c0orak2 kt belakang pastu ader kait name lija....hehe..mood tga hepi...k la chaos....

Saturday, February 5, 2011


siti nur haliza kahwin lain??? siti??? siti nur haliza kahwin lain???  bia btol... tipu laaaahh... memang tipu pon...sje..x tau nk tulis tjuk pe...hehe.....
mintak mahap siti...jgn saman saye....
K tjok sebtolnyer...

Waarrgghhh!!! Boringnyer dok sensorng....ble korng nk blik ni ??? tuu laaa blik awal sgt...sabtu lg niii...klau b0ley dpt dekan lau blik awal x pe laa jgak...lau cmtu stiap kali cuti blik umah ari jumaat blik melaka ari sabtu...hahaha...x ke bangang sumer  sbab cha ya nun  alif laa ni...raye smpai x ingt dunia sgt...tiket pon ley hbis ...sdey2...

Hmm..xpe2 ..sje je blik awal en..b0ley study..bkak buku..bwat past year... bwat nota...ha ha ha ha.....
Tu namenyer perli diri sendiri tuuu... 0keyy puan2 ulang ayat di atas dgn nada sindiran smbil julingkan mata shingga nmpak mata putih sahaja dan letakkan kedua dua belah tangan di dada... huuarrgghh.. seeeennntap hati mak nak.. (0h yeah version) haha..

Smpai2 je kt umah, beg ngan brg2 yg bwak tu sumer cmpak tah ke mana,,bju pon cmpak tah ke mana...pstu crik katil..hehe..tido...tapi..tapi..ader tapi..mate ni x ley lak nk lelap...dh alang2 x ley tido tu,,g laa kemas umah..susun brg, bsuh bju, bsuh pinggan mgkuk, mop lntai, cuci air cond, cari lipas, cri kulat, tukar wall lptop, tukar tingkap bilik, dan bagai lg ah...haa ini smua memmmmmaang bukan lija....rjin kowt...BGOS2...lps pnat2 ni...timbul rase bangga..YEAH AKU BANGGA ,,AKU BANGGAAAAA!! 0uh rupenyer ader jgak ciri2 menantu pilihan dlm diri upenyer...  Pergh..mmg nk kna mkn kaki ke ape...

baju merata rata...

barang2 x susun agiiii...

Pstu tibe2 rse lapa..x de  sape nk msak kn..s0 order mcd je laaa....huh..mkn pon x dlm x selera2 tu hbis jgak SET AYAM GORENG SPICY MCD  dgn BUBUR MCD  skali ngan fries ngan coke sumer...waahh.. nikmat2..rezki x ley tolak... sje tngkap time boring2...tgk ni dorng sume x der..lija tido sensorng kt ujung tuuu...
 katil lija...
  katil dorng2..

Kpd KAK NOD, RUBI, SATT, EIKA, EKIN, ngan BIHA.. lau bil api bulan ni melambong jgn salahkn lija ea...hehe...lmpu dri depan smpai blakang lija bkak..hehe..bkn ape al – TAKOOT  punyer pasal... haaa ni tgk..

Lmpu ruang tamu WAJIB bukak...

Lmpu dpor HARUS bkak...kang x bkak t  laen jadinyer...mula laa bunyi kelentang kelentong laa...

Lmpu bilik lija SUNAT MUAKKAD bkak...sng nk tido golek2..trang..xdela pikir bkn2

Lmpu bilik ekin jeee yg lija x phm knpe perlu bkak...hmm..xpe2..sje bkak kn..mane laa tau kot2 korng blik ari ni kann..x yah bkak dah. lija dh tolong bkak kan...*ckp smbil nmpak mata putih sahaja dan letakkn kedua dua belah tgn di dada* haha..

Tido lbey kurng kul 4 sbb smbong tgk drama MY GIRLFRIEND IS GUMIHO.....
Key laaa tuu jee...babai..hehe..

eh,,ader lg,,lija jgk smpat amik scenery bandar melaka dari bilik lija....

cntik x..cntik x..hehee..
nmpk x ni????
sian korng x nmpk ...
sori lija x gune dslr ea....
x der dwet der...
student lg...
lau nk tgk scenery melaka..dtg lah sndiri kt melaka eh...
..k laahh..

P/S : pendek je entri kali nii...

Monday, January 31, 2011

nasib pelajar Malaysia di Mesir

first of all...nk gtau sumer yg content2 entri di bwh adalah bkn dari saya.....
saya di sini hanya utk menympaikan bnda yg bg saya sgt pnting!!!
from A-Z credit to SHERAH's blog 
tq sherah...

Salam semua...

Minta jasa baik semua yang berada di Malaysia,
Tolong, tolong, tolong, sebarkan pada semua.
Tingkatkan kesedaran.
Rakyat Malaysia di Egypt perlukan bantuan kerajaan.
Secepat mungkin.
Keadaan di Egypt adalah lebih buruk dari yg anda semua tahu.

Kami lihat, media utama di Malaysia tidak ketengahkan langsung hal Egypt.
Kata TPM, "Pelajar Malaysia selamat, tidak perlu dibawa pulang."

Please, jangan bergantung pada media tempatan dah.
Go online, bukak BBC, Al-Jazeera.
BUKA MATA, banyak lagi penting dari hal pilihanraya Tenang tu.

Kenapa, kenapa, student abroad je yg banyak sebarkan hal ni???
Lepas tu, keluarga pelajar Egypt yg kt Malaysia je risau.
Korang tak risau ke?
Tolong la, aku merayu ni.

Okay, wanna know the truth???

* Airport di Alexandria dah tak boleh pakai.
* Balai polis di sekitar Mansoura dan Alexandria dah dipecah.
* Angkatan polis diarahkan untuk tidak mengawal, kononnya untuk susahkan lagi  protes.
* Penjara-penjara, yes, PLURAL, di sekitar Egypt dah dipecah masuk; lebih 6000 banduan terlepas di jalan-jalan Egypt.
* Pelajar2 perempuan terpaksa bergantung dengan pelajar2 lelaki untuk mengawal rumah mereka.
picture credit to krisis mesir

Aduh, tak boleh tidur aku malam ni, menunggu updates dari Egypt.
Korang, please. Aku merayu ni. Sama2 kita tolong. InshaAllah, semua akan selamat.

and you. yang sedang membaca. please copy and paste entry ini di blog, di facebook, di twitter in everywhere social network you have. spread it please.
thank you. :'(